Angel Tree


Children List is Now Available - See Below!


Each year, prisoners complete applications through their prison chaplain’s registry for their children to be included in Prison Fellowship’s Angel Tree program. Thanks to the Angel Tree program, children receive Christmas presents from their incarcerated parents. Last year over 600,000 children from across the country received gifts from their incarcerated parents thanks to volunteers.  Along with the gifts, each child receives an age-appropriate booklet with a clear Gospel message inside.

Green Valley UMC will  be participating in Angel Tree again this year.  The virtual tree will be set up on the website from November 1 through December 1  We will be sponsoring 77 children. Each child will have two ornaments - one listing a clothing item, the other with their wish for a toy or other “fun” item.  You will have the opportunity to select one of the virtual angels and purchase the requested gift. We are asking that you spend no more than $25 maximum for each gift.

The gifts need to be returned to the church by Sunday, December 13 or earlier so they can be delivered to the children on Saturday, Dec. 19 and Sunday, Dec. 20. Gifts are given in the name of the parent in prison, but with the understanding that this was made possible through Angel Tree and Green Valley UMC.

This is a great way for us to help families in our local community.
For more information call Linda Reynolds at 702-458-1681 or email 


Please Choose A Child From The List Below, then use the form at the bottom of the page to register your selection and the gift you wish to purchase.

Please make a note of your selection!

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Blacked out boxes are gifts already selected.

Fam Code Name Age Gender Size Clothing Request Toy/Fun Request
30-1 Kasai 1 M 18-24 mons Jacket or Outfit Age appropriate toy
08-2 Elijah 1 M 3T Blue or green sweatsuit Age appropriate toy
08-1 Isaac 1 M 24 mos Blue or green outfit Age appropriate toy
03-1 Trenton 2 M 3T Blue jacket Age appropriate toy
16-1 Natalie 2 F 3T Pink or red jeans and shirt Age appropriate toy
22-1 Luna 2 F 12 mos Outfit Age appropriate toy
5-2 Imani 2 F 24 Months Outfit Age appropriate toy
22-2 Luciano 3 M 2T Outfit Age appropriate toy
5-3 Ezekiel 3 F 4T Sweatsuit Age appropriate toy
03-2 Kalilah 3 F 4T Pink Jacket Age appropriate toy
01-1 Serenity 3 F 4T Pink Jacket Barbie, trolls or purse
29-1 Xavier 4 M 4T Shirt and pants Toy story or puzzles
23-1 Kamron 4 M 4T Red Outfit Age appropriate toy
16-2 Fabian 4 M 6T Blue or black jeans and shirt Mario legos
11-1 Yahniece 4 F 3T Pink Sweatsuit Doll
21-1 Tiffany 4 F   Jacket Age appropriate toy
14-1 Zyra 4 F 5T Pink or purple Jacket  
23-3 Bryce 5 M 5T Red outfit Age appropriate toy
24-1 Rowshy 5 M Boys 6 Red coat or jacket Spiderman toy
26-1 Levi 5 M Boys 6 Pajamas w/feet Sonic stuffed animal
28-1 Xander 5 M Boys 6 Gray or khaki pants  
30-2 Kyaire 5 M Boys 6-7 Black shirt and pants Learning toy
5-4 Lihana 5 F Girls 6 Outfit Age appropriate toy
11-3 Vernon 6 M Boys 7-8 Blue or Red Sweatsuit Football
11-2 Eric 6 M Boys 6 Blue or red sweatsuit Race car track
18-1 Andrew 6 M Boys 8 Blue, red or black jacket Spiderman or Marvel
26-2 Chevy 7 M Boys 7-8 Red or blue sweatsuit Walmart gift card
11-4 Janiah 7 F Girls 10-12 Pink or purple sweatsuit Dolls or makeup
01-2 Heaven 7 F Girls 8-10 Pink Jacket Barbie or LOL
10-1 Gian 8 M Boys 10-12 Black Hoodie Sweater Game Stop Gift Card
5-5 Israel 8 M Boys 7-8 Pants/shirt Age appropriate toy
07-1 Infinity 8 F Girls 14-16 Pink or purple sweatsuit Finger paints NO slime
29-2 Alixandria 8 F Girls 10-12 Pink or purple outfit Barbie or mermaid
18-2 Breanna 8 F Girls 10-12 Pink or purple jacket 3 1/2 Girls Music
11-6 Carolyn 8 F Girls 16-18 Blue or purple sweatsuit  
5-1 Naomi 8 F   Outfit Age appropriate toy
11-5 KeyKey 9 F Girls 12-14 Purple sweatsuit Walmart gift card
06-1 Harley 9 F 7-8 Pink Hoodie WWF wrestler
22-3 Faith 9 F Girls 8-10 Jacket Age appropriate book
25-1 Kaidyn 10 M Boys 10-12 Black long sleeve shirt Fortnite game
08-4 Meyah 10 F Girls 7-8 Pink Sweater  
24-2 Amariah 11 F Girls 8-10 Lime green jacket w fur Likes werewolves
5-7 Jaliia 11 F Girls 10-12 Outfit Walmart gift card
30-3 Keshawn 12 M Mens L Sweatsuit Walmart gift card
26-3 Adrian 12 M Boys 14-16 Jeans and shirt Walmart gift card
15-1 Delisa 12 F   Walmart gift card Walmart gift card
02-1 Daniel 13 M   Walmart gift card Walmart gift card
13-1 Robert 13 M   Walmart gift card Walmart gift card
01-3 Ignacio 13 M Men's XL Black, green or blue jacket Walmart gift card
06-2 Bailey 13 F Girls 16-18 Pink Hoodie Walmart gift card
5-8 Jalin 13 F   Walmart gift card Walmart gift card
15-2 Deandre 14 M   Walmart gift card Walmart gift card
08-5 Ricco 14 M   Walmart gift card Walmart gift card
06-3 Taurean 15 M Mens L Black Hoodie Walmart gift card
13-2 Lacy 15 F   Walmart gift card Walmart gift card
04-1 A'niya 15 F   Walmart gift card Walmart gift card
10-3 Taliyah 15 F Women Sm Black Hoodie Sweater Walmart gift card
9-1 Divinity 15 F   Walmart gift card Walmart gift card
08-6 Dejah 16 F   Walmart gift card Walmart gift card
15-3 Armoni 17 M   Walmart gift card Walmart gift card
10-2 Gerald 17 M Men's Med Black hoodie sweater Walmart gift card


Reminders to Gift Purchasers

Thank you for picking an angel and agreeing to buy a present for this child. You can help us have a smooth-running project by following these guidelines:

1. Gifts should be new, not used.

2. Each gift should cost no more than $25.00.

3. If you select an angel requesting a gift card, please purchase it from Greenbacks.
Marion Harvey has the cards available. Make checks out to “Greenbacks – Angel Tree” and mail to church.

4. Gift wrap the present and enclose a Gift Receipt if possible, particularly for clothing items.

5. Return the gift to the church office noting who the gift is for. The paper angel with the message from the inmate will be attached before delivery. Return the gift by: 12 noon, Sunday, December 13.

7. Pray for the child you are buying for and his or her family. We encourage you to send Christmas greetings to the parent in prison. If you want to do so, please ask for the name and address.

8. If you have any questions, call Linda Reynolds at 702-458-1681 or