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Event & Group Space

The campus at Green Valley United Methodist Church offers many rooms and large spaces for your next event. Please contact our office at  (702) 454-7989 or fill out our Room Request Form to schedule a tour of the campus and reserve your date.  

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Group & Family Gatherings 

Hosting a family gathering requires a lot of planning and decision making. Let us help with the success of your next gathering.  Each family has its own mix of reasons for planning a gathering. It might be after a major family event, or it may be planned to coincide with a family milestone, like a 50th wedding anniversary. Some families establish a routine of having a reunion every year, or every few years, to keep relatives from drifting apart from one another. Even in families that see each other often, having a dedicated day when the focus is all about togetherness is useful in helping relatives reconnect. 

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Planning a wedding is an involved process. The number of details which need your attention may seem overwhelming, but we are here to help!

To reserve your preferred date, complete and return the Wedding Information Form as soon as possible. Once this sheet and the deposit are received, your date requested will be placed on the church calendar. The date isn't officially reserved until you receive a confirmation from our Wedding Coordinator at GVUMC. 

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Planning a Memorial or a Funeral is an involved process. Whether you are planning your future memorial service, or someone else's, we can assist with some of life’s most difficult decisions. The number of details which need your attention may seem overwhelming, but we are here to help in your time of greaving. Contact our office and we can assist you with your plans and any other special arrangements.  

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