Youth C.R.E.W. Info

Youth C.R.E.W. Ministry (which stands for Christians Ready, Equipped and Willing) will help your youth gain the confidence in their skills to lead a small group lesson as well as strengthen their faith journey through teaching those important Bible lessons to GVUMC's younger children during Sunday School time at 9:45 am.  Any youth who would like to become a Youth C.R.E.W. member is required to go through the training classes.  A training schedule has been set up and will be running throughout the year so that every youth can participate.  There are 3 different levels of participation that the youth can work through, Helper, Assistant Teacher, and Lead Teacher.  We have also assigned certain requirements and responsibilities to each level so that your youth can choose the level they feel they can commit to.  The Youth C.R.E.W. plans/trains for 6 weeks then teach the younger children the following 6 weeks. Appropriate curriculum will be chosen for each rotation however, it is up to the Youth C.R.E.W. to study, learn and develop bible lessons, crafts, games, snacks etc.  Youth C.R.E.W. meets each Sunday morning in Fellowship Hall at 9:45 am.